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    1. Use Google to Search the VRoma Image Archive

      NB: The Google search won't take you directly to the relevant line in the index pages, so it will be necessary to use "Find" to search on the specific index page. If you click on the Images tab, you will see thumbnails of some of the images, but clicking on the thumbnail will take you back to the index page where you will have to use "Find" to get to the individual entry you are seeking. In addition, not all the thumbnails show up on the Images tab, and some incorrect thumbnails appear there as well.

      Policy for Image Use: The images in the VRoma Archive are freely available for all non-commercial use on the web. Users may link to the images on the VRoma server or download them for use on their own server. It is not necessary to write for permission for non-commercial internet use, but we do ask that credit be given to the VRoma Project, preferably with a link to the VRoma Home Page (http://www.xfrpw.cn/). Please note that VRoma is not an image licensing service! Our images are optimized for use on the web, and we do not have high-resolution files suitable for printing. We will continue to offer accurate and good quality ancient images for use on the web, for PowerPoin presentation, for teaching purposes and for student assignments.

      Project Co-Director: Suzanne Bonefas
      Web Design: Barbara F. McManus and Daniel Jung (University of Bergen)