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    1. About the VRoma Project

      The VRoma Project was funded by a $190,000 Teaching with Technology Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities covering the period from 1997-1999. During this time, the virtual world of the VRoma MOO was constructed, three summer workshops for college and pre-college faculty were held, and many teaching materials were created and tested in courses. The initial team which developed the VRoma Project comprised Project Director Suzanne Bonefas (then at Miami University in Ohio and the Associated Colleges of the South), Michael Arnush (Skidmore College), Barbara McManus (The College of New Rochelle), Kenneth Morrell (Rhodes College), and Stephen Nimis (Miami University in Ohio). Many other classics faculty from pre-college to university levels have contributed to the project. The current Co-Directors of VRoma are Barbara McManus (Professor of Classics emerita, The College of New Rochelle) and Suzanne Bonefas (Director of Special Projects, Rhodes College). The following pages contain more information about various aspects of the project:

      VRoma logo, city goddess coin

      Project Co-Directors: Barbara F. McManus (The College of New Rochelle) and Suzanne Bonefas (Rhodes College)
      Web Design: Barbara F. McManus and Daniel Jung (University of Bergen)